ZarrVis (Ruisdael)

Zarr files visualizer for the web. Ruisdael observatory (TU Delft)


What ZarrVis (Ruisdael) can do for you

Ruisdael on Display

Ruisdael Visualizer

Documentation for developers

# install with
$ npm install

# Run with
$ npm run dev

Place the [ql.zarr] data file indisde the /public/data folder

Technical Stack

Tech Stack Diagram

Running on custom VPS.

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Programming languages
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  • TypeScript 25%
  • JavaScript 18%
  • GLSL 10%
  • HTML 10%
  • CSS 2%
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Jesus G. Gonzalez
Research Software Engineer
Netherlands eScience Center
Gijs van den Oord
Gijs van den Oord
Lead RSE
Netherlands eScience Center

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