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Ruisdael on display

Interactive visualization of the Ruisdael observatory

Wheat Fields by Jacob van Ruisdael

The Ruisdael Observatory – named after the 17th-century painter Jacob Ruisdael – combines a nationwide dense network of measuring points with high-resolution simulations to map out changes in local weather, climate and air quality in the Netherlands. The Dutch were the first to pioneer such a combined measurement and modelling approach, and although the observatory is internationally recognized, it has not reached its full potential yet. The development of an appealing and informative visualization of the produced data is key to generating impact with Ruisdael, both within and beyond the domain of boundary-layer meteorology. This proof of concept aims to develop an interactive, online visualization of these data.

Participating organisations

Delft University of Technology
Netherlands eScience Center



Gijs van den Oord
Lead engineer
Jesus Garcia Gonzalez
Jesus Garcia Gonzalez
Louise Nuijens
Lead applicant
Delft University of Technology
Fredrik Jansson

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DALES is a large-eddy simulation code designed for studies of the physics of the atmospheric boundary layer, including convective and stable boundary layers as well as cloudy boundary layers.

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ZarrVis (Ruisdael)


Zarr files visualizer for the web. Ruisdael observatory (TU Delft)

Updated 3 months ago