RESTfull API for the APE (Automated Pipeline Explorer) library.


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A RESTful API for the APE library (RESTful APE) provides a way for users to interact with APE's automated pipeline exploration capabilities through HTTP requests. APE is a command line tool and Java API that automates the exploration of possible computational pipelines from large collections of computational tools.

The RESTful API allows users to submit requests to the APE server for pipeline exploration, which returns results in a standard format such as JSON or XML. Users can interact with APE through a web browser or any other HTTP client, and the API can be integrated into other applications for seamless pipeline exploration.

Overall, the RESTful API for APE provides a powerful and flexible way for users to leverage APE's capabilities in their scientific workflows.

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Netherlands eScience Center
Leiden University Medical Center
University of Potsdam


Nauman Ahmed
Nauman Ahmed
Netherlands eScience Center
Peter Kok
Peter Kok

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