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Enhance Your Research Alliance (EYRA) Benchmark Platform

Supporting researchers to easily set-up benchmarks

One of the currently most well-known benchmarks for algorithm performance is ImageNet. Many challenges have been organized using this database, with the latest challenge now running on Kaggle. In various scientific disciplines there is a growing interest to benchmark algorithm performance on research data. Many algorithms are proposed in the literature, but there is a growing need to compare them on the same data, using the same metrics and ground truth to compare their performance for a specific task. Organizing these open online benchmarks, will not only increase insight into which algorithms perform best for a given task, but open up these tasks for a wider audience to test their algorithms on, which could lead to new breakthroughs in the field. In this project, the Netherlands eScience Center and SURF join forces to develop a platform (EYRA Benchmark Platform) that supports researchers to easily set-up benchmarks and apply their algorithm on benchmarks from various scientific disciplines.

The EYRA benchmark platform aims to facilitate:

– An easy way to set-up a research benchmark

– Cross-fertilization between scientific disciplines

– Overview of benchmarks per scientific discipline

– Infrastructure to run algorithms on test data in the cloud

– Insight into algorithm performance for a research problem, beyond the benchmark leaderboard.

The EYRA benchmark platform will be an extension of the COMIC platform developed in the group of professor Bram van Ginneken (Radboud UMC):

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Related output:

– Tutorial on Benchmarking Algorithm Performance, October 29th at the 14th IEEE International Conference on eScience 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

– Adrienne M. Mendrik, Stephen R. Aylward, “Beyond the Leaderboard: Insight and Deployment Challenges to Address Research Problems”, Machine Learning Challenges “in the wild”, NIPS 2018 workshops, Palais des congres de Montreal, Canada, 2018:

Participating organisations

Erasmus University Medical Center
Leiden University Medical Center
Netherlands eScience Center
Radboud University Medical Center
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
University of Amsterdam
University of Twente


Adriënne Mendrik
eScience Coordinator
Netherlands eScience Center
Jesus Garcia Gonzalez
Jesus Garcia Gonzalez
eScience Research Engineer
Netherlands eScience Center
Pushpanjali Pawar
eScience Research Engineer
Netherlands eScience Center
Tom Klaver
eScience Research Engineer
Netherlands eScience Center

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