Android OS Wear Application to measure children's activity when playing.

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Android OS Wear Application to measure children's activity when playing

Setting Workflows

Inside the Device File Explorer, set the workflows file in this path:


You can find the workflows.json demo file in the app/sampledata folder of this repository.

⌚️ Installing the application on the device

Make sure you have adb installed on your computer and the watch is connected to your computer, via usb or wifi. Note: I could only install the application via Wifi Debugging, check the notes below on how to install it.

adb -s <device_id> install -r /path/to/your/app-debug.apk

Path to getting the data from the device: Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 21 50 14

Recording files

When a recording session is completed, several files are generated and saved in the Documents directory. The files are named using the format [user_id][type][device_id]_[timestamp].

Here's a brief description of each part of the filename:

  • user_id: The number identifier of the user set in the setting screen.
  • type: The type of data contained in the file. This can be:
    • SENSORS for the array of sensors collected.
    • AUDIO for audio recordings.
    • BT for Bluetooth scan data.
    • QUESTIONS for responses to workflow questions.
  • device_id: A unique identifier for the device, such as faaab8a5585c9531 in the example.
  • timestamp: The exact time when the recording was made, ensuring each file has a unique identifier.

For example, a filename like 1_AUDIO_faaab8a5585c9531_1717009923893.3gp indicates an audio recording for user 1, captured by device faaab8a5585c9531 at the timestamp 1717009923893.


The generated files are stored in the internal storage of the app's private directory, which is not directly accessible via the SD card or other file explorer apps unless your device is rooted.

🛜 Connecting the smartwatch via Wifi Debugging

I couldn't make the installation of the application work via usb cable, but yes over wifi debugging.

On the watch

  1. Enable developer options
  2. Enable ADB debugging
  3. Enable Debug over wifi (it will take a moment to establish an ip:port)

Once you have the ip:port, you can connect to the watch via adb

adb connect ip:port

Now you can install the APK: Now, you can install the APK with the adb install command. Replace /path/to/your/app-debug.apk with the path to your APK file:

adb -s ip:port install /path/to/your/app-debug.apk

During the installation, I had to restart the adb server to make it work at times.

adb kill-server
adb start-server

🛠️ Building the App with Android Studio


Useful commands

Connect to a deviceadb connect
Install appadb -s install ./app-debug.apk
Uninstall appadb -s uninstall com.example.smartplay
List installed packagesadb -s shell pm list packages
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