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PanTools is a pangenomic toolkit for comparative analysis of large number of genomes. It is developed in the Bioinformatics Group of Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Please cite the relevant publication(s) from the list of publications if you use PanTools in your research.

What PanTools can do for you

PanTools currently provides these functionalities:

  • Construction of a panproteome
  • Adding new genomes to the pangenome
  • Adding structural/functional annotations to the genomes
  • Detecting homology groups based on similarity of proteins
  • Optimization of homology grouping using BUSCO
  • Read mapping
  • Gene classification
  • Phylogenetic methods
Programming languages
  • Java 99%
  • Snakemake 1%
  • Python 0%
  • Roff Manpage 0%
  • GPLv3
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Participating organisations

Wageningen University & Research
Netherlands eScience Center

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