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eWatercycle SURF Research Cloud

Codified instructions for deploying the eWaterCycle platform on the SURF Research Cloud.


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What eWatercycle SURF Research Cloud can do for you

A Jupyter notebook environment that has everything installed to run hydrological models without having knowledge about how to and install and run the models.

The setup instructions in this repository will create an eWaterCycle catalog item (a sort-of VM template) in the SURF Research Cloud that when started will create a machine with:

  • Explorer: web visualization of available models / parameter sets combinations and a way to generate Jupyter notebooks
  • Jupyter Hub: to interactivly generate forcings and perform experiments on hydrological models using the eWatercycle Python package
  • ERA5 and ERA-Interim global climate data, which can be used to generate forcings
  • Installed models and their example parameter sets

This software is part of the eWaterCycle stack. For a complete overview, please visit the eWaterCycle project page.

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Programming languages
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  • Python 2%
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Participating organisations

Netherlands eScience Center
Delft University of Technology


Contact person

Stefan Verhoeven

Stefan Verhoeven

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The eWaterCycle package makes it easier to use hydrological models without having intimate knowledge about how to install and run the models.

Updated 8 months ago
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