Interactively explore millions of 2D and 3D data points in your browser, without the need to install anything.


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What Dive can do for you

  • Provides interactive web-visualization of data in 3D/2D for data scientists and scientists.
  • One can explore millions of data points interactively
  • Has been used in bioinformatics and forensics projects

When a data scientist has a problem like clustering data, a usual starting point is to "embed" and "see" the data in 3D or 2D. Ideally she would like to explore data interactively, by being able to search or color the data based on provided metadata. As scientific datasets tend to become larger, current visualization tools are facing scalability issues. Dive is made to provide interactive exploration of (embedded) data in 3D or 2D for million of points.

Programming languages
  • HTML 81%
  • JavaScript 17%
  • CSS 2%
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Participating organisations

Social Sciences & Humanities
Social Sciences & Humanities
CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre
Netherlands eScience Center



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Sonja Georgievska

Sonja Georgievska

Netherlands eScience Center
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Sonja Georgievska
Sonja Georgievska
Netherlands eScience Center

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