If you need to automate your image matching tasks for the purposes of object detection or photo-identification in an easy way, the SalientDescriptor-matlab is right for you


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What SalientDescriptor-matlab can do for you

  • Provides implementation of a competitive Shape and Moment Invariant (SMI) descriptor for computer vision, biodiversity and other researchers who need to match images for identifying objects or scenes
  • Simple and scalable description and matching of salient regions in multiple structured images of the same scene or object of interest
  • Open-source code for researchers who are used to MATLAB
  • Successfully applied to automated determination weather images are from the same scene for the Oxford (VGG) and OxFrei benchmarks
  • SMI gives better results than the popular SURF descriptor on MSER regions with less computations

Ranguelova, E., Local Shape and Moment Invariant Descriptor for Structured Images,
Proceedings of the 19th Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing (IMVIP) conference,
Maynooth, Ireland, 2017, pp. 245-248

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    Published in 2017


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Elena Ranguelova

Elena Ranguelova

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Elena Ranguelova
Elena Ranguelova
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If you want to automate object detection or image photo-identification tasks in an easy way with open MATLAB software, the SalientDetector-MATLAB is right for you

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