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If you want to automate object detection or image photo-identification tasks in an easy way with open MATLAB software, the SalientDetector-MATLAB is right for you


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What SalientDetector-matlab can do for you

  • Provides MATLAB implementation of a competitive Data-driven Morphological Salient Region (DMSR) image detector for computer vision, biodiversity and other researchers who need to analyzable large amount of images for discovering or identifying objects or scenes
  • Highly repetitive detection and visualization of salient regions in multiple structured images of the same scene or object of interest
  • Open-source code for researchers who are used to MATLAB
  • Successfully applied to various tasks: automated determination whether images are from the same scene, marine mammals photo-identification, wood species classification from microscopy images, etc.
  • DMSR shows invariance to affine geometric image transformations as well as to photo-metric transformations such as blur and lighting
  • DMSR gives better results than the popular MSER region detector

E. Ranguelova, "A Salient Region Detector for structured images,"
2016 IEEE/ACS 13th International Conference of Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA),
Agadir, 2016, pp. 1-8.
doi: 10.1109/AICCSA.2016.7945643

Programming language
  • MATLAB 100%
  • Apache-2.0
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Participating organisations

Netherlands eScience Center


  • 1.
    A Salient Regions Detector for Structured Scenes
    Published in 2016


Contact person

Elena Ranguelova

Elena Ranguelova

Netherlands eScience Center
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Elena Ranguelova
Elena Ranguelova
Netherlands eScience Center

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