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This package runs the parareal algorithm on a black-box simulator. Parallelisation is managed through Dask.


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What parareal can do for you

This package implements the Parareal algorithm in Python. Parareal is an algorithm for parallel-in-time integration, meaning that it attempts to parallelize the otherwise completely sequential time integration of an ordinary differential equation (ODE). The algorithm works by using two methods to solve the ODE: a cheap and coarse method and a more computationally intensive fine method. This will only work if the coarse method is good enough so that we can initiate multiple fine integrations from a coarsely estimated intermediate condition.

This Python module implements Parareal as a so-called black-box method. This means that the algorithm doesn't need to know about the details of the simulation. The user writes a script containing a fine and a coarse integrator. The parareal module then manages the computation using dask.

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Pablo Rodríguez-Sánchez
Pablo Rodríguez-Sánchez

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