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JupyterLab dataset browser for THREDDS

A browser that allows you to include NetCDF data stored in THREDDS catalog into a Jupyter Notebook.


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What JupyterLab dataset browser for THREDDS can do for you

  • Provides an easy way to select and use a dataset from a THREDDS catalog in a Jupyter notebook
  • Offers several ways to open a dataset in Python using graphical user interface instead of copy/pasting urls and having to figure out the right code snippet
Programming languages
  • Python 59%
  • TypeScript 31%
  • Jupyter Notebook 9%
  • CSS 1%
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Participating organisations

Delft University of Technology
Netherlands eScience Center
Environment & Sustainability
Environment & Sustainability


This seems really cool! Something similar could probably be developed for intake.
Ryan Abernathey, Assistant professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University


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