This Python script checks whether a given set of software dependencies is met. This script itself is completely stand-alone and depends only on Python being installed. You may include this script along with a `dependencies.ini` in a project that has a diverse set of dependencies.


What check-deps can do for you

Sometimes, when you have a project that uses many components there are no easy ways to systematically check if dependencies are installed. If you stick to a single programming language, this problem is better handled by a package manager. When you step outside the bounds of a single language however, there is no easy to use tool. Maybe you need some UNIX tools to be present along with utilities from Python and some scripts that run on top of Node.

The goal of this script is to check software dependencies for you. If you have some complicated setup which requires a combination of executables, libraries for different languages etc., this script can check if those are in order.

You specify the dependencies in a dependencies.ini file, then this script checks them. You only need Python installed, nothing else for this script to work. You simply ship this stand-alone script with your distribution.

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