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Arctic Web Map (AWM) is an Arctic-specific web mapping tool allowing researchers to customize map projections for scientifically accurate visualization and analysis, a function that is critical for arctic research but missing in existing web mapping platforms.


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About Artic Web Map

AWM is a component in the Arctic Connect project. It is designed to provide a better mapping tool for researchers by displaying a more appropriate projection for Arctic research.

AWM is built on an open source mapping stack, using similar technologies to OpenStreetMap. Background map data is used under license from OpenStreetMap contributors. Tiles are based on the data in the OSM extract when the tile servers were provisioned. For v1.0 of the tiles, the tiles are based on 2017 OSM data. For v2.0 of the tiles, this is based on April 2019 OSM data.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Arctic Web Map or Arctic Connect, please contact the project PI: Steve Liang.

If you have found a bug or the tiles/client library do not work as you expect, please contact the project technical manager: James Badger.

Arctic Web Map has two components: An Arctic-focused tile server, and a Leaflet-based client library. By providing tiles in multiple Arctic projections, data can be more accurately visualized compared to most Mercator projected map tiles.

The client library, PolarMap.js, is designed to be easy to use and easy to extend. It does this by providing a simple wrapper for building a typical Leaflet map, and also by providing base classes that can be customized to build a web map for your specific situation. Please see the PolarMap.js API for more information on how to get started.


Multi-projection web mapping service for Arctic regions: An HTTP tile server that provides tiles in an Arctic specific projection. This means sea and land areas will not be distorted for the Arctic region, as they are in Mercator projections (Google, Bing, OpenStreetMap). - Source code

Arctic Web Map offers other services - Source code

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University of Calgary
Digital Research Alliance of Canada


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James Badger

University of Calgary
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James Badger
University of Calgary
Maribeth Murray
Principal Investigator
Arctic Institute of North America

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ArcticConnect is a network-enabled platform for realizing geospatial referencing of information about the arctic system derived from research, education, and private sector activities in the arctic and subarctic.

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