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Digital Bastards for a Climate Resilient Delta

Digital twins are digital representations of complex human-environment-technology interactions for decision support (e.g.,Vossepoel et al., 2021). These digital twins can be used for both long-term scenario evaluation and short-term nowcasting. This supports decision-makers in assessing strategic short and long-term measures in relation, for example, to natural hazards and technological risks prevention. As such, they are a means for scientists, policymakers, and industry to engage with society and extract the best value from existing data and models to understand and interact with the system Earth. Globally, several ongoing projects are targeted towards the use of these digital twins to secure the resilience of delta regions under conditions of a changing climate.

Within this context, we aim at developing a prototype of a digital twin for a climate-resilient delta and a perspective on its requirements for a digital bastard (developed with a mix of stakeholders and researchers). We propose a five-day workshop in which we develop the prototype step by step and formulate a joint perspective on our lessons learned on this development.

Participating organisations

Netherlands eScience Center
Delft University of Technology
Lorentz Center
Environment & Sustainability
Environment & Sustainability


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