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Xenon Docker images

For your testing needs a collection of Docker images with different file systems and batch schedulers.


What Xenon Docker images can do for you

For developers of libraries that need to interact with different file systems and batch schedulers like Xenon. The Docker images in this repository can be used to write integration tests to make sure the library works against a real-life file system or batch scheduler.

For example a developer of a library that submits jobs to a Slurm batch scheduler can spin up a Slurm v20 Docker container and test if the commands the library sends to Slurm are actually working.

The spinning up of a Docker image in a test suite can be done using testcontainers.

Programming languages
  • Shell 69%
  • Dockerfile 25%
  • Roff 3%
  • q 1%
  • Other 2%
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Participating organisations

Netherlands eScience Center


Jurriaan H. Spaaks
Jurriaan H. Spaaks
Atze van der Ploeg
Atze van der Ploeg
Joris Borgdorff
Joris Borgdorff
Christiaan Meijer
Christiaan Meijer
Niels Drost
Niels Drost
Programme Manager
Netherlands eScience Center

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