TIMP is an R package for fitting superposition models that implements the partitioned variable projection algorithm. The package has been extensively applied to modeling spectroscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) datasets. It serves as the backend for the Glotaran software.


What TIMP can do for you


TIMP is an R package developed by Mullen and van Stokkum for fitting models to data arising from time-resolved spectroscopy, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) and mass spectroscopy experiments.

The package provides a comprehensive problem solving environment (PSE) for fitting separable nonlinear models to a variety of datasets. It is used for modeling multiway spectroscopic measurements, and allows users to simultaneously analyze datasets collected under a range of experimental conditions. To do this efficiently it implements the partitioned variable projection algorithm.


TIMP is available from CRAN. To install, from an R Console type:


The Glotaran Ecosystem

TIMP is part of the Glotaran ecosystem (glotaran.org). It functions as the computational back-end of glotaran-legacy, the original Java-based GUI for TIMP, released under the name Glotaran. Additionally it is used as the backend for paramGUI, a R Shiny web app for teaching parameter estimation by examples.


TIMP can be cited as:

Mullen KM, van Stokkum IHM (2007). TIMP: An R Package for Modeling Multi-way Spectroscopic Measurements. Journal of Statistical Software, 18(3). URL https://doi.org/10.18637/jss.v018.i03/.

See also citation.html on CRAN


TIMP has its origins in more than 15 years of software development for applications in computational physics by Ivo van Stokkum.

Katharine Mullen created the package during her PhD studies and was the primary developer for many years. She's now at UCLA.

Sergey Laptenok has contributed options for FLIM data and invaluable experience and testing on the MS Windows OS, co-creator of the Glotaran GUI.

David Nicolaides has contributed options for modeling reaction kinetics as described by kinetic theory models.

Alessandro Marin has contributed testing and ideas for new options.

Ilya Stepanenko has implemented PPViewer, a LabVIEW application for interactive exploration of data and model fit that is useful for examining TIMP datafiles and model fit output.

The members of the biophysics group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have motivated much of the development of TIMP.

The package is currently maintained by Joris Snellenburg, who also created and maintains the Glotaran GUI for TIMP.

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  • TIMP 1.0 was published January 10th 2007.
  • TIMP 1.2 is the earliest version on CRAN, published 1st of May 2007.
  • The grand-total download count, is only from from October 2012 (5 year of stats missing).
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