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OBiBa Agate

Agate is a web application that offers users related services to the OBiBa software stack.


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What OBiBa Agate can do for you


Declared applications can use Agate as their user registry and user notification service. The communication between the application and Agate requires application authentication: an application is assigned a secret key that must be provided when accessing Agate. See corresponding documentation of each OBiBa application to know how to register an application key.

Once identified an application can authenticate a user, get its profile, send emails to all users or a group of users having access to this application.


Users can be member of one or several groups. Application access can be declared on a group basis: users who are members of a group inherit from its application accesses.


A user is the one who will be authenticated and who will receive the notification emails. A user entry can be added by different ways:

  • Agate administrator can directly add a new user,
  • A user can submit a join request, either from the Agate web interface or from the Mica sign up page.

The user join requests are protected by Google reCaptcha service.

A user can manage its personal information from the Agate web interface or from the Mica user profile page. Password management (first password and password recovery) is automatically done by the exchange of emails between the user and the Agate server: no administrator action is required.

Email Templates

Email notifications are HTML template-based, allowing to fully customize your communication with users: links to resources, style, site policies etc.


With Agate, you can:

  • Extend user profile attributes (apply to the join request form),
  • Manage users, groups and applications,
  • Manage user sessions: timeouts and user activity tracking.
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  • Less 3%
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  • Shell 1%
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Participating organisations

Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center
Digital Research Alliance of Canada


Sofiya Koleva
Maelstrom Research
Carsten-Oliver Schmidt
University of Greifswald
Jordi Rambla De Argila
Centre for Genomic Regulation
Kari Kuulasmaa
National Institute for Health and Welfare
Ari Haukijärvi
National Institute for Health and Welfare
Teemu Niiranen
National Institute for Health and Welfare
Isabel Fortier
Principal Investigator
Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre

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