MINTED (Making Identifiers Necessary for Tracking Evolving Data) aims to apply dataset citation Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and researcher ORCIDs into ONC's Oceans 3.0 digital infrastructure.


What MINTED can do for you

The MINTED project (Making Identifiers Necessary to Track Evolving Data) is funded by the CANARIE Network, and supports Ocean Network Canada’s need to implement PIDs to datasets to be renewed for the CoreTrustSeal, a certification of repositories using best practices. 

MINTED aims to integrate dataset citation DOIs and RORs (Research Organization Registry identifiers) into ONC’s Oceans 3.0 digital infrastructure. ONC's data are very dynamic due to continually accumulating data streams, data reprocessing, and data product code versioning. While there has been a growing recognition of the need for and benefits of data citations, as evidenced by the reception of the FAIR Principles, existing platforms and tools such as Dataverse and the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) are currently only able to serve the needs of static, or infrequently updated, datasets. At ONC, we have an opportunity to go further, building the infrastructure within our repository to implement the 14 recommendations laid out by the RDA Working Group on Dynamic Data Citation.

MINTED allows data users to cite data in the repository from the beginning of a deployment, providing traceability of the dataset life cycle so that users can better interpret data integrity, respect the terms and conditions under which the data are made available, and increase the credibility of users. Data citation also allows users to link datasets to publication DOIs, contributor ORCIDs or RORs, funder reference IDs, ARK IDs, and more. 

It makes strides in enabling reproducibility, provides curated datasets to end users, provides credit for publishing and providing data, helps repositories and users to track metrics of data usage and impact, and enhances metadata catalogues and products for citation content. Additionally, data citation stimulates related research as published datasets that have been cited lend themselves more readily to further analysis. 

Lastly, the MINTED project also allows ONC to renew our certification with World Data System (WDS) CoreTrustSeal (CTS), identifying ONC as a repository that has implemented and supports FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data principles and best practices, encouraging confidence in the content within. 

With the MINTED Project, Ocean Networks Canada is proud to be leading the way in implementing the RDA Recommendations on a large scale. In partnership with CANARIE, the DataCite Canada Consortium, and our own crack team of software engineers, ONC’s work will help establish best practices for good data stewardship now and into the future.

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Participating organisations

Ocean Networks Canada Society
Digital Research Alliance of Canada


Reyna Jenkyns
Principal Investigator
Ocean Networks Canada

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