Open Source Research Data Management Software


What LinkAhead can do for you

LinkAhead simplifies structured access to all research data and thus reduces the hurdles for current and future researcher.

Storing new kinds of data or changing the structure of existing data is easy due to the flexible, semantic data model of LinkAhead.

A powerful search language provides access not only to the data and its contents, but also to interlinked data sets at any hierarchical depth.

LinkAhead offers an intuitive data access and visualization via a user friendly web interface.

You can rely on open APIs and clients in various programming languages like Python, C, C++ and Octave/Matlab as well as ready to use toolkits for automation.

LinkAhead adapts to your unique setup and mix of data sources. The software can integrate Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs), databases, repositories, machines or any other source that provides data in a structured manner. LinkAhead can be configured to automatically detect new and updated research data and reference it in the system. A precise versioning history and the flexibility of the underlying data model allows you to operate safely without putting your research data at risk. With your data set brought together in one place, you have new opportunities in terms of search, API access and collaboration.

  • FAIR data with ease
  • Automated data integration and efficient searchability
  • Agile data model adaptable at any time

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