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Kernel Launcher

Dynamically compile CUDA kernels and launch them type-safely using C++ magic. Tight integration with Kernel Tuner results in blazing fast GPU code.


What Kernel Launcher can do for you


Kernel Launcher is a C++ library that makes it easy to dynamically compile CUDA kernels at run time (using NVRTC) and call them in an easy type-safe way using C++ magic. Additionally, Kernel Launcher supports exporting kernel specifications from your application, to enable tuning by Kernel Tuner, and importing the tuning results, known as wisdom files, back into your application. The result: blazing fast GPU code that is maintainable and performance portable, all with minimal effort.

Programming languages
  • C++ 95%
  • Python 4%
  • Other 1%
  • Apache-2.0
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Participating organisations

Netherlands eScience Center


Stijn Heldens
Stijn Heldens
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands eScience Center
Ben van Werkhoven
Ben van Werkhoven

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