A wrapper around the python-irodsclient to allow for easy interaction with iRODS servers for research software engineers to integrate compute wokflows and data management.


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What iBridges can do for you

A tool to make it easier for scientists and scientific programmers to work with the data stored in iRODS and Yoda systems.

iBridges works on all operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux
Prerequisites: You will still need a python compiler on your system and some basic knowledge how to install python packages, e.g. through Anaconda

For Whom?
Scientific programmers and scientists who find the icommands and native APIs to iRODS/Yoda a bit too daunting, cumbersome or simply do not have time to learn them.

The iBridges API box

A python API for scientific programmers working in python to integrate their data handling into compute workflows
A command line tool for moving data between local computers and Yoda/iRODS
Tutorials guiding through how to work with data in Yoda/iRODS
Some features: Safe data transfers from and to your computer, data synchronisation, tagging data with own search terms, searching for data

iBridges and Yoda
iBridges is meant for being used when you are actively working with your data. It does not replace the Yoda web portal. That mean for annotating your data with the Yoda metadata and to move your data to the Vault you will need to log in to the web portal.

iBridges and the icommands and the python API for iRODS
You do not have to decide between iBridges and the icommands or the python API of iRODS. Simply combine the functions of iBridges with the icommands or the iRODS python API, no need to login again with the other tools or create new connections to Yoda/iRODS.

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Programming languages
  • Python 60%
  • Jupyter Notebook 37%
  • Dockerfile 1%
  • Shell 1%
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Participating organisations

Utrecht University


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A graphical user interface to iRODS employing the iBridges python package.

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