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Genetics and Genomics Analysis Platform (GenAP)


What GenAP can do for you

The Genetics and Genomics Analysis Platform (GenAP) is a computing infrastructure and software environment for life science researchers available since 2015. GenAP aims at facilitating the work of researchers and students by offering out of the box Web applications running on an infrastructure currently leveraging Compute Canada Cloud and HPC resources.

Brief History

The GenAP project was initially funded by grants from CANARIE and Génome Québec from 2013 to 2018 and included three major components:

  • The development of robust bioinformatics pipelines (called the MUGQIC pipelines);
  • The adaptation of the Cern Virtual Machine File System (CVMFS) to facilitate code and reference files distribution on Compute Canada infrastructures;
  • The development of a web portal to facilitate data analysis and sharing through tools with graphical interfaces integrated on Compute Canada infrastructure (including Galaxy, Datahub and UCSC Genome Browser mirror).

The pipelines were used for thousands of compute jobs during this period, using CVMFS for the distribution of their code and reference files throughout all Compute Canada infrastructures. The portal was accessed by >200 active users, >150 Datahubs were created (>25 TB of data shared) and >10k jobs were run through Galaxy.


VM with Galaxy (life sciences platform) image
Squid cache VM Service

Participating organisations

McGill University
Université de Sherbrooke
Digital Research Alliance of Canada


Contact person


Carol Gauthier

Development team and contributor
Université de Sherbrooke
Mail Carol
Carol Gauthier
Development team and contributor
Université de Sherbrooke
Guillaume Bourque
Project lead researchers
McGill Genome Center
Pierre-Étienne Jacques
Project lead researchers
Université de Sherbrooke