Entangled makes literate programming easier. It keeps markdown and program source in sync. This makes it more convenient to extend and debug your literate code.


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What Entangled can do for you

  • Create live documents in Markdown
  • Program in any language you like
  • Use your favourite editor
  • Works well with version control
  • Powered by Pandoc

Wikipedia on literate programming: Literate programming is a programming paradigm introduced by Donald Knuth in which a program is given as an explanation of the program logic in a natural language, such as English, interspersed with snippets of macros and traditional source code, from which a compilable source code can be generated.

Literate programming is a method of developing software that is well suited for writing software manuals and library tutorials. More importantly, scientific literature can come to life by including samples of code that implement the topic under discussion. Literate programming takes this to the extreme: the manual, article or book becomes an executable piece of literature.

Entangled enables a method of literate programming in Markdown that is completely agnostic to the underlying programming language. The Markdown can be converted to HTML or LaTeX based targets using Pandoc, the universal document converter.

Programming languages
  • Python 99%
  • C++ 1%
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Netherlands eScience Center

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enTangleD -- a bi-directional Literate Programming tool

Author(s): Johan Hidding
Published in 2019


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