An in-browser text markup editor for collaborative editing of scholarly projects.


What CWRC-Writer can do for you

The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) has developed an in-browser text markup editor (CWRC-Writer) for use by individual scholars and collaborative scholarly editing projects that require a light-weight online editing environment. This package is the base code that builds on the TinyMCE editor, and is meant to be bundled together with two other packages that provide document storage and entity lookup. A default version of the CWRC-Writer that uses GitHub for storage is available for anyone's use at

CWRC-Writer provides close-to-WYSIWYG editing and enrichment of text files with meaningful visual representations of markup, the ability to add Named Entity Annotations with identifiers from LOD sources, the ability to combine TEI markup for the text with stand-off RDF annotations, the ability to export into different forms (XML, RDF, and JSON-LD), and the option of using Github for document storage.

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Participating organisations

University of Guelph
Digital Research Alliance of Canada


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Susan Brown

Principal Investigator
University of Guelph
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Luciano Frizzera
Susan Brown
Principal Investigator
University of Guelph

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