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Earth Observation (EO) data has become too large to be downloaded and analyzed on local desktop infrastructures, and even on many local cluster solutions. Although most of the data is freely available, a range of difficulties still hamper achievable benefit, not only for scientists, but also for citizens, industry and society.

In the eScience center we are building expertise in EO research, aiming to position ourselves as a hub of excellence for RS data handling, computing and analytics, while SURF is building the infrastructure and services to allow for innovative research that will result from big Geodata. This project aims to develop and set up an environment for exploration and analysis of Remote Sensing (RS) data.

The environment will provide scientists with tools to access RS data and analyze it, enabling them to use the massive storage and infrastructure offered by SURF. We identified eScience projects that address modern EO questions where access to large RS data is crucial, as is efficient data handling. These projects will serve as use cases that will provide us with insight into the common needs of the EO community and will act as drivers enabling us to create generic tools to address these needs, with specific focus on data access, retrieval and storage, analysis at scale, and ML supported analysis and exploitation.
Each generic tool will be delivered with a dedicated tutorial, a demo, and with a deployment recipe on SURF facilities, to promote and ease the environment's adaptation by the scientific community.

Participating organisations

Environment & Sustainability
Environment & Sustainability
Netherlands eScience Center



Pranav Chandramouli
Ou Ku
Annette Langedijk
Fakhereh (Sarah) Alidoost
eScience Research Engineer
Netherlands eScience Center
Meiert Grootes
Meiert Grootes
Lead RSE
Netherlands eScience Center
Niels  Drost
Niels Drost
Programme Manager
Netherlands eScience Center
Yifat Dzigan
Yifat Dzigan
Project Lead
Netherlands eScience Center

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