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Multimodal Emotion Expression Capture Amsterdam

When politicians speak, their choice of words, their facial expressions and even the pitch of their voice communicates specific emotions to us. These emotions may influence how we think about that politician or the message she seeks to convey. Politicians differ in how they use their words, their voice and their face: they have a different emotion repertoire.
To capture this repertoire we propose MEXCA: a system that integrates different existing software solutions to capture the emotion conveyed in words, voice and face in one efficient, reliable and accessible workflow. This allows us to address questions about how politicians use emotion, how intentional it is and how systematically it is employed. The system may also be used outside of the domain of politics to study emotion expression in general.

Participating organisations

Social Sciences & Humanities
Netherlands eScience Center
University of Amsterdam



Malte Lüken
Malte Lüken
Research Software Engineer
Netherlands eScience Center
Eva Viviani
Research Software Engineer
Netherlands eScience Center
Gijs Schumacher
Principal investigator
University of Amsterdam
Christian Pipal
Jisk Attema
Jisk Attema
Programme Manager
Netherlands eScience Center

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