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A database-integrated KM3NeT solution for automated processing

KM3NeT experiment

Neutrinos are elusive and extremely tiny particles that exist in large numbers in the universe, but their origin is unknown. In addition, neutrinos have intriguing intrinsic properties that raise many questions. Research into neutrinos will answer these questions, but very large detectors are needed to study neutrinos. An example of such a detector is the KM3NeT research infrastructure, which is currently under construction at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. While it is being built, this project will deal with processing and managing the big data that will come out of this research infrastructure.

Participating organisations

Netherlands eScience Center
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Natural Sciences & Engineering
Natural Sciences & Engineering


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Rucio deployment for KM3NeT


This repository contains the Rucio deployment for KM3NeT. It can be used as an example of how to deploy Rucio.

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