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the eXtensible Text Analysis Suite


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What xtas can do for you

  • easy access to numerous text processing and analysis tools
  • full support for Dutch and English
  • can use Elasticsearch for document storage
  • can be run as a service

xtas is a collection of natural language processing and text mining tools, brought together in a single software package with built-in distributed computing and support for the Elasticsearch document store.

xtas functionality consists partly of wrappers for existing packages, with automatic installation of software and data; and partly of custom-built modules coming out of research. Currently offered are various parsers for Dutch and English (Alpino, CoreNLP, Frog, Semafor), named entity recognizers (Frog, Stanford and custom-built ones), a temporal expression tagger (Heideltime) and a sentiment tagger based on SentiWords.

A basic installation of xtas works like a Python module. Built-in package management and a simple, uniform interface take away the hassle of installing, configuring and using many existing NLP tools.

xtas’s open architecture makes it possible to include custom code, run this in a distributed fashion and have it communicate with Elasticsearch to provide document storage and retrieval.

Programming languages
  • Python 94%
  • Shell 4%
  • Java 1%
  • Apache-2.0
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Participating organisations

Social Sciences & Humanities
Netherlands eScience Center
University of Amsterdam


  • 1.
    Xtas 3, the eXtensible Text Analysis Suite
    Published in 2016


Contact person

Lourens Veen

Lourens Veen

Netherlands eScience Center
Mail Lourens
Lars Buitinck
Netherlands eScience Center
Lourens Veen
Lourens Veen
Netherlands eScience Center

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