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Xarray extension for Space-Time Matrix.


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What STMtools can do for you

STMtools is an open-source Python toolbox to read, write, and enrich Space-Time Matrix (STM) [1], [2]. It uses utilizes Xarray’s multi-dimensional labeling feature, and Zarr's chunk storage feature, to efficiently read and write large Space-Time matrix.

It also supports STM enrichment with contextual data. The enrichment functionality is implemented with Dask. Therefore it can be performed in a paralleled style on Hyper-Performance Computation (HPC) system.


Programming language
  • Python 100%
  • Apache-2.0
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Participating organisations

Netherlands eScience Center
Delft University of Technology


Meiert Grootes
Meiert Grootes
Pranav Chandramouli
Pranav Chandramouli
Francesco Nattino
Francesco Nattino

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