Analyzes social media messages for polarity and stance towards governmental COVID-19 measures


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What PuReGoMe can do for you

  • Provides frequency analyses of topics in social media messages
  • Generates automatic overviews of sentiment towards topics over time
  • Produces stance information on topics, given some gold standard data

PuReGoMe is a research project of Utrecht University and the Netherlands eScience Center. We analyze Dutch social media messages to assess the opinion of the public towards the COVID-19 pandemic mesasures taken by the Dutch government.

The software uses three data sources for social media analysis. Our main data source are Dutch tweets from Twitter. We use Dutch posts from Reddit and comments from Nu.nl as sources of verfication of the results obtained by the tweet analysis.

PuReGoMe performs analysis on three different levels: by counting messages, by determining their polarity (sentiment) and by determining their stance with respect to anti-pandemic government measures.

Programming language
  • Jupyter Notebook 100%
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Participating organisations

Social Sciences & Humanities
Social Sciences & Humanities
Netherlands eScience Center
Utrecht University


Shihan Wang
Utrecht University
Marijn Schraagen
Utrecht University

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