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PSRDADA python

If you want to do astrophysics in python, this could come in handy. Connect to a radiotelescope and process data in real-time.


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What PSRDADA python can do for you

  • python library to communicate with an astrophysics pipeline
  • connects as a data reader, writer, or monitor to a PSRDADA ringbuffer
  • written to be fast; no memory copies
  • and to be simple

It is hard to keep up with the real-time datastreams originating from a radio telescope.
The processing pipeline needs to efficiently pass data around between very different components: network, cpu, gpu, disks.
The problem is typically solved using a ringbuffer, with an often used implementation in PSRDADA.

This package provides a python interface to the PSRDADA ringbuffer, allowing you to easily test and develop code and algorithms in python. On real-time data. On the real system.

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Programming languages
  • Cython 71%
  • Python 29%
  • Apache-2.0
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Participating organisations

Netherlands eScience Center
University of Amsterdam


Contact person

Jisk Attema

Jisk Attema

Netherlands eScience Center
Mail Jisk
Jisk Attema
Jisk Attema
Netherlands eScience Center
Leon Oostrum
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands eScience Center

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