Find people on Twitter given a small initial set of interesting people.


What Lysander can do for you

  • the software helps in finding unknown Twitter users related to a known group of users.
  • target audience for this software: researchers
  • discovering previously unknown Twitter users related to a known group of users
  • suggesting Twitter users related to a known group of users
  • useful results for finding political journalists based on group of politicians

For analysis of online behaviour of groups, the first task is to find out who the members of the group are. Usually we know a few key people but not the whole group. We can find other people of the group by checking which people are related to the key people. On Twitter we can use the asymmetrical follower relation to expand groups: if a person follows many members of a group and many members of the group follow this person, the person is likely to be a member of the group. This software package uses this idea for suggesting extra members for groups on Twitter.

Programming language
  • Python 100%
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Participating organisations

Social Sciences & Humanities
Social Sciences & Humanities
Netherlands eScience Center
University of Groningen



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