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A Worldwide Source Code Index for Scientific Software FAIRness

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FAIR principles stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Making research software FAIR is important because, while research software is widely used in academic research, reusing it has proven to be difficult. It is also something that we, at the Netherlands eScience Center, are very passionate about. Challenges include extracting only the source code that is needed and giving credit to the research software engineers who developed the software.

What are we trying to achieve and how?

To make it easier to find and reuse software, we have developed a worldwide research software database. The database uses a clever way of indexing software, making it possible to find, extract and reuse research software at a much finer level of granularity. By indexing research software, we can monitor its impact and report on it to give a more balanced representation of its value for society. In this project, SearchSECO, we will measure the success of software and offer guidance to enable other research software centres to do the same.

Participating organisations

Utrecht University
Netherlands eScience Center
University of Amsterdam
Natural Sciences & Engineering
Natural Sciences & Engineering


Deekshitha and team win Best Student Paper Award at IEEE eScience Conference

Published by The eScience Center Center in 2023



Slinger Jansen
Lead Applicant
Universiteit Utrecht
Deekshitha K.
Deekshitha K.
PhD student
Netherlands eScience Center
Siamak Farshidi
Rob van Nieuwpoort
Rob van Nieuwpoort
Director of Technology
Netherlands eScience Center
Rena Bakhshi
Rena Bakhshi
Programme Manager
Netherlands eScience Center

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FAIRSECO provides a way to quickly analyse a variety of data and metrics of your software, and it allows you to explore the impact of your software on the academic world. Metadata is gathered from many different sources, which is then analysed and compiled into a clear overview.

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