Mining the past to protect the future Diarrheal disease burden in a climate-uncertain future

Climate change threatens human health and our planet’s health. Diarrheal disease is the number two killer of children across the globe. Unchecked, climate change and its impacts on our planet will likely reverse hard-won gains in battling diarrheal diseases. Policy makers need to understand how diarrheal disease burden will change and how we can better protect children in a climate-uncertain future. We propose using artificial intelligence to mine existing literature to describe how climate might change diarrheal diseases in the future. We then will use this knowledge to project the risk of diarrheal disease into the future, preparing communities and informing policy makers.

Participating organisations

University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam University Medical Centers
Netherlands eScience Center
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Social Sciences & Humanities
Social Sciences & Humanities


Vanessa Harris
Lead Applicant
AMC, University of Amsterdam