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Tracking and visualizing states as fossil-fuel owners

Tracking and visualizing states as fossil-fuel owners

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Nation-states still own and control about 60% of global oil and gas production. This makes states as owners an important actor for global decarbonization efforts. At the same time, we have little systematic knowledge about where exactly states are invested in fossil-fuel companies, especially cross-border.

The created Geoflow Tool helps us in understanding and visualizing both, domestic and cross-border investment in carbon assets. The tool also includes the possibility of temporal and sectoral analysis and the easy export of visualization results. The application of different datasets on cross-border carbon investment delivered us insights into the largest senders and targets of this investment and their crossborder interactions. One key finding is that states are massive domestic owners, and that the crossborder flows into carbon assets are conducted by other actors. This is an important insight for developing effective decarbonization strategies. The Geoflow tool is suitable for any type of analysis in trans- and international flows, for example in economics, political science, or data science.

The tool is open-source and available via a GitHub repository. It allows researchers, but also journalists and the general public to analyze different types of data via a simple data input system on our website.

Participating organisations

Social Sciences & Humanities
Maastricht University
Netherlands eScience Center
University of Amsterdam



Javier Garcia-Bernardo
Principal investigator
University of Amsterdam
Jisk Attema
Jisk Attema
Programme Managaer
Netherlands eScience Center
Peter Kok
Lead RSE
Netherlands eScience Center

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