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A Lightpath for Optical Coherence Tomography imaging

Improvement of microscopic 3D images of tissue

Image credits: Shutterstock

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) provides microscopic 3D images of tissue. It has the potential of becoming a powerful diagnostic tool as evidenced by 1,600 published scientific papers this year. OCT is challenged to improve the resolution and gathering physiological information from the images. This is exactly what the Biomedical Engineering & Physics group (Academic Medical Center) and the Numeric Control for Optics group (Technical University of Delft) are funded to solve: create super-resolution functional OCT suitable for clinical use. We will be faced with a large amount of OCT-data. In this EYR4 proposal we describe how this prize will help us manage this challenge in a smart way which will be a huge contribution to our research and forms a template for a virtual diagnosis environment used by physicians.

Participating organisations

Amsterdam University Medical Centers
Netherlands eScience Center
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Delft University of Technology



Elena Ranguelova
Elena Ranguelova
eScience Coordinator
Netherlands eScience Center
Mitra Almasian
Hans Verstraeten