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New TDCC-NES bottleneck project

Friday, November 3, 2023Jason Maassen

The Research Software Directory is part of the Enabling Best Practices for Sustainable Software in the Natural & Engineering Sciences project for which funding was granted by the Dutch Thematic Digital Competence Center (TDCC) for the Natural & Engineering Sciences (NES).

TDCC-NES is a network organisation that will bring together researchers, local DCC’s, infrastructure providers, knowledge and expertise networks, as well as other strategic initiatives within the NES domain. TDCC-NES aims to facilitate researchers to manage data and software in a FAIR manner by identifying bottlenecks and initiating projects to mitigate them.


This project aims to facilitate best practices among the creators and users of research software and code in the NES domain by developing domain-relevant guidance, tools, and infrastructure, and providing training and community-building activities to ensure awareness and uptake of those best practices. The project is led by the Netherlands eScience Center with the project partners from University of Twente, 4TU.ResearchData, Delft University of Technology, University of Groningen, Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI), Utrecht University, and Leiden University.

In this project, the RSD team will work with developers from 4TU.ResearchData to connect the two services and enable software archived in 4TU.ResearchData to be discovered by the RSD and added automatically.

The expected start of the project is January 2024. For more information you can visit the RSD project page or TDCC-NES announcement.