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Online demo

If you would like to experiment with adding content to the RSD yourself, your can use our online demo version at This online demo allows anyone to add software and projects using test accounts.


Please note that the data entered into this demo version is not curated in any way, and may be deleted at any time!

Sign in with a random username

To get access to the online demo, click on "Sign in" at the top right. The most convenient way of signing in is using the "Local account" option. This option only requires a username to sign in. No password is needed. We suggest using random username, unrelated to your actual name.


Adding software and projects

Once you have signed in, you can use the "+" in the top right corner to add software or projects:


You can find more information in the rest of this documentation on how to add software and how to add projects.

To get an overview of the software and projects you have added, click on the avatar icon at the top right:


Clicking on "My software", "My projects" or "My organisations" will take you to a profile page showing an overview of all pages you maintain. Once you have finished adding content, "Logout" can be used to sign out.

Getting access to the production service

If you would like to get access on the production version of the RSD, you can find more information on our How to get access and Register your organisation pages.