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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see the software and projects I contributed to when I'm logged in?

Your account is for administration purposes only, i.e., your account is for editing software, project and organisation pages to which someone gave you the rights to edit them. We are working on creating 'profile' pages where you can see all contributions made by one person, aggregated on ORCID, so make sure to add your ORCID on all your contributions.

Can I add a profile picture to my account?

Currently not, as accounts are for administrative purposes only (see also the question above). We are considering to add this in the future.

Why is there no citation block on my software page?

We can harvest the citation information of all releases based on the Zenodo concept DOI you provide to us. You can enter the concept DOI on the Information tab of the edit page. There is a button below the field that will check for you if the DOI you entered is a valid concept DOI, and it will propose to update your DOI if it can detect the corresponding concept DOI for the DOI you provided.

The citation block / Git activity graph / programming languages are still not visible

These are harvested in the background. The various harvesters run every few minutes, harvesting a small part of the RSD. When you change the corresponding fields, you are usually first in line to be harvested, so check again in a few minutes.

Why can't I delete my software/project page?

Deleting pages might have unwanted side effects, please contact us if you accidentally created a page. You can use our development site, which we regularly clear, to try out all the features.

Do you have a public forum for discussions and questions?

You can use the GitHub discussions page for this.

Where can I request a new feature or report a bug?

You can use the GitHub issues page for this.